Want to be a Flatbread Guru?!



Flat breads are all over the place these days and they couldn't be easier to knock up. So many different cultures use them in different ways, they work wonders with all kinds of flavours and they make eating loads more fun (JUMP IN HANDS FIRST). Launch those knives and forks out of the window, this is how a real rebel eats, this is rock'n'roll. Not only are they fun to eat but making them is pretty cool too, the dough needs slapping around the work bench and punching a few times until it's ready to be flattened and thrown onto a hot dry stove (stick on some loud tunes and let it all out). 

There are hundreds maybe even thousands of different flatbread's all over the world. Before knives and forks were invented these were the best and most fun things to pick up your grub with, no wonder they were a world wide sensation!

India and Pakistan is famed for the breads from the Punjab culture, we lovingly adopted the Naan but this is just one of loads we should get amongst. They have the Chapati, Parathas, Roti, Poori, Bhaturu, Bhakri, Thepla, Kulcha, Luchi, Puri, this is just a few and are each made in a variety of ways helping to compliment whatever you are eating and keeping things fun and interesting.

From the middle east we take flatbread's like the one and only Pitta but there is also the Maneesh, Barbari, Lavash.

South and Central America has Tortillas, Tacos, Gorditas, Bolo de Milho, Arepas.

Sweden has Hono's, Italy has Pizza and Focaccia , Jamaica has the Bamma.

You get the idea there is an absolute load out there.

This one I am giving you the key to though takes it's origins from India and Pakistan but it has a few relatives and offspring through the world. It is a decent recipe because you can play around with it and do what you want to it, completely versatile for flavour. 






This is one of the easiest things you will ever make. There is only one pretty important thing to remember, the ratio of flour to yogurt should be around 2 parts dry matter to 1 part wet matter.

Makes around 6 - Takes around 10 minutes

200ml - Natural Yogurt (Greek will also work)

400g - Self raising flour

50g -  Sugar

Pinch of Salt

These are the base ingredients for a plain flat bread. Now is the time for you to have some fun and throw some enthusiasm into the mix. In the dough in the photo I have added Sultanas, Crispy fried Onions, Black Sesame seeds and chopped Coriander.   You can throw in absolutely anything you fancy, if you aren't sure then nick a bit of the dough mix, add some flavours and cook it off seperatley before you mix up the rest of the dough, if it isn't doing what you want then have another go.

When you have it all mixed up in a bowl, it's time now to chuck it on the work surface, stick those tunes on full and get Bruce Lee on that dough. When you are knackered then it's a good sign the dough is ready. Roll it into a ball and cut into 6 pieces, flatten them out between 3 and 5mm thick and stick them in a hot dry non stick pan or onto a griddle. They will only need about 1 minute on each side, if you think the pan is too hot you can turn it down slightly until you find your perfect heat.

Pile them up on a plate and get involved with a big bowl of curry, some slow cooked chilli, some homemade kebabs and a huge bucket of chilled beers.


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