Fruity Oat Slice

Here is a cake for you to pull out and impress your friends with. It's really easy to make and tastes bloody good too, with a sweet crunchy crust and soft fruity centre it's a bit moreish!!!
For me this pud has a Sunday vibe about it but that doesn't mean it won't work out great any other day of the week too.
I discovered this recipe flicking through a book written by chef Yvette Van Boven. I have tweaked it slightly to fit my tastes but its pretty much the same. If you haven't already seen any of her books then you should definitely check them out, you will be able to find them soon in our 'Shop' page.

Serves 10 - Takes 1 hour to make 

250g - flour
2.5 - teaspoons baking powder
130g  - oats
275g - brown sugar
a pinch of salt
200g - cold butter
2 - eggs, beaten
500g - fruit (I have used berries but other fruits such as plums, apricots or apples will be great too)
icing sugar (for dusting)
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a roughly 30x15cm cake tin, you can use a tin with other dimensions as long at is of a similar size to be sure the mixture will fit! 
Sieve together the flour and baking powder then mix together with the oats, salt and brown sugar. Now imagine you are making a good old crumble topping and throw in the butter gently rubbing the dry mix into the butter until eventually you have a decent crumble mixture. Remove around 1/5 of the mixture and keep to one side for later. With the larger amount of mix left add the beaten eggs and mix until you have more of a cake batter consistency, this is now ready to spread into the base of your prepared cake tin or baking tray. Once you have spread a good even layer with all of the wet mixture it is time to add the fruit. You can use any fruit you like, in the photo I have used summer berries with plenty of Blackberries to give that deep purple colour (R.I.P Prince). Lay the fruit over the cakey base layer and gently push some of it down into the mix so that when it's cooked you have a few different levels of fruit. Now make sure you still have that dry mixture of oaty crumble that we set aside earlier because this is to be sprinkled over the top of the fruit to give a nice crunchy finish once it's pulled out of the oven.
Place the cake in the pre heated oven and bake for between 30 - 40 minutes, depending on the oven and the depth of tin you have chosen. When the cake is cooked it should be a beautiful golden colour with fruit juices bubbling away like small lava pits and if you stab it with a knife, the blade should come out clean, if it is not clean keep it cooking for a few more minutes and repeat until ready.
Get stuck in!

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