About Ben’s Cocina!

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Ben’s Cocina is here to throw some inspiration out there. I love to cook, its my job, my passion and my hobby! What a lucky man!!!

I’m inspired everywhere I go for all things food by every little or large thing I see, smell or hear in my life. Whether it’s from eating in a high end restaurant or stood at an amazing street food stall. Speaking to friends or strangers. Walking down the street and smelling the mouth watering aromas pumping out of various kitchens extraction fans. Or the sizzling sound of falafel’s frying and BIG slabs of meat grilling. Even a decent tune on the radio can get the juices pumping to want to cook……..you get the picture!

Food is more than just something we need to be able to function, it is something that should be enjoyed and respected. Great food is like a great piece of art, like a great song in your preferred genre, mine of course being rock’n’roll. Serve me up a plate of amazing food and its as exciting as being at a Rolling Stones gig when they were young and nuts. I am a big lover of art too and think food should be presented with style, just to help push it to become even more sexy.

I first got into food like a lot of other people, cooking with my Mum. I was lucky enough to have a creative self taught Mum who would knock up all kinds of fresh home made food. From Falafel’s to Kedgeree to big roast dinners or Shepard’s pie and Spaghetti Bolognaise. I was very lucky and often re create those meals now.

I have fallen head over heals for Spanish food and it is now inspires me massively. I am luckier than most people though with my introduction to the way this culture eats, my girlfriend whom I met in Oxford is from Jerez de la Frontera. She has shown my all kinds of food I had never seen or tried before, visiting Jerez, Cadiz, Seville to mention a few, I have been in that Rolling Stones gig SO many times with small exciting plates all around me. I love the big punchy colours, flavours and social culture towards sharing small plates of food ‘tapas’ with friends and how the food creates such a fun talking point. Having admitted my Spanish passion you might now realise the reason behind the name Ben’s Cocina (Ben’s Kitchen). I do not cook only Spanish food though, you will find foods from all over the world being cooked up and talked about on Ben’s Cocina. Cultures from all over the place excite me and the way the food inside those cultures are such a key factor with so much history behind each dish.

I post photo’s of dishes I make along with recipes and descriptions, so you can go and give them a go at home or work. I’d like to help inspire and give advise to anyone who wants it, whether you are an aspiring chef at home wanting to take it to the next level and show off to your friends or a professional looking for some fresh inspiration. So don’t be shy and hit me up if you have any questions or queries.

My profession is great, I am a chef, living and working in Oxford, UK. Having worked in and run kitchens in Oxford from Oxford University College’s to a city centre Gastro Pub to sustainable small cafe’s and restaurants. I have been lucky enough to work alongside some extremely talented chefs and have tried to take away something from each experience I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of. My passion is cooking everything from scratch and trying to put the best thing inside the customers mouth they’ve had in a long time.

I hope you are able to take something with you from Ben’s Cocina  and come back for a second bite, I look forward to hearing from you.